a Rollover in Online Betting

What is a Rollover in Online Betting: All You Should Know about the Rollover Requirements

Have you ever wondered why a sportsbook requires you to wager an amount over and over again before withdrawing? And why that amount varies from book to book?  Once a player opens an account on a betting site, it will show the terms “3x, 5x, 10x rollover,” and they’ll be asking themselves what does it mean and how to read betting odds. So let us explain to you what the rollover is and things you should know before meeting with the bookmakers’ rollover requirements.

online betting First of all, you should know that casino operators might use different words to describe the same thing. Rollover, wagering, and playthrough requirements are literally the same thing. The rollover requirement is a rule stated by terms and conditions of a sportsbook that shows you the amount you must bet before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.

For online casino players, the rollover is easier to understand since it’s the same thing as a playthrough in the online casino. Wagering requirements are instituted by a betting site and depend on your initial deposit and the bonus offer.

How does the rollover requirements work in action?

For example, you deposit $250 to a book offering a 50% signup bonus and the book requires you to complete a 5x rollover. Now you’ll have $375 ($250 deposit + $125 bonus) on your beginning bankroll to bet with, but you can’t withdraw the bonus money until you’ve placed the bets in the net total of $1,875 (5x$375) in bets. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to make five wagers of $375, but you must bet enough to have a net total of $1,875.

As shown above, the rollover isn’t that hard to understand as it may be looked at first. Generally, the sum of the sportsbook bonus and the initial deposit is multiplied by the rollover. The only exception happens when you get a free bet. In that case, you just increase the amount of a free bet by the rollover, since there is no deposit.

Naturally, every book has its way to calculate the betting rollover requirement and the bets that go towards clearing it, so it pays to read the term and conditions first. Generally, a 50% bonus up to $50 would come with a 3x rollover, which is the lowest requirement you will find in the online betting. On the other hand for a 100% bonus up to $500, it would be common to have a 10x rollover, which is really high. Some bookmakers require bettors to complete 15x rollover, which makes the requirements very hard to complete. For this reason, try with a 5x rollover and under.

Be aware of a sportsbooks’ rollover requirement before it’s too late

Regardless of the type of bonus, they all come up with a set of wagering requirements. It’s simply because sportsbooks must protect themselves from bettors taking advantage of the sportsbooks’ attractive promotions. So, make sure you’ve read and completely understood the T&C before you start betting. You definitely don’t want to end up on a sportsbook because of a massive bonus and only later find out about the extremely large rollover requirement.

Different sports betting bonuses and free bets are waiting for you in online betting

Online betting can give you highly profitable gaming experience. If you enjoy betting from the comfort of your home, you don’t want to miss various bonus offers and free bets offered by bookmakers.

Most sportsbooks will offer you a sign-up bonus. The bonus amount differs from one sportsbook to another. Besides, there are many other promotions and bonuses you should benefit from like no deposit bonus, cashback bonus, reload bonus and others. They have one thing in common: they give you the best chance of winning easy money online (in case of no deposit bonus even without any investment). Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You may meet additional requirements on your bonus

rollover betting At times, online sportsbook may state other terms associated with sign up bonuses you’ll have to fulfill before you can obtain your bonus money. Here are some of them:

  • Odds restriction: if you’re playing less than 1.5 it doesn’t count for satisfying the rollover.
  • Rollover time limit: you may place your bets within 30 days from signing up before you withdraw your bonus.
  • 1 active bonus at the time: if bookmaker offers multiple bonuses, sometimes you’ll be able to have only 1 active bonus at a time.
  • The bonus might be available on some specific games: for example, you can only use it in Slots, Horses, and Sports, but cannot in live dealer games.

Take our advice and start betting right now!

Now that you’re completely familiar with online betting and wagering requirements, don’t wait any longer to start betting.

Choose the sportsbook that best suits you, enjoy its attractive bonuses, and some easy cash can be yours. Good luck!


Does rollover apply to my own money?

The rollover requirements apply only to deposits that are added up with an additional bonus amount of money. For example, if you deposit $100 and receive a 100% bonus, you will have $200 to bet with. If this happens, and the sportsbook requires the rollover, it will apply to your deposit + bonus money. If you don’t want to use bonuses, contact the support team and let them know about your decision. On the other hand, the winnings that come from bonus money are cashable if you make it through the rollover requirement.

What happens if I lose money before the rollover is met?

Sports betting is a risky entertainment for which you should be ready. If your prediction happens to be wrong, you lose the whole amount of your bet. If that happens before you meet the rollover requirement, it will zero out. It means that the next time you bet, you will have to meet the whole requirement all over again. Let’s say, you’ve bet through the deposit 4 times, and the rollover is 5x. So if you lose at this point, you’ll have to bet five times again before satisfying the rollover.

Does rollover have any time limits?

We strongly recommend you to read carefully all terms and conditions before using the bonus, because particular rules for each rollover may vary. Usually, rollovers do have time frames for meeting the requirements. Yet, these timeframes are different for each sportsbook. For example, that could be 7 days or alternatively, a whole month.

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