Sports Betting Tools and Software: Which Are the Best?

When we begin betting, we all start with a simple bet on who’ll win the match between teams we’re familiar with. However, in time, we try and expand our betting game and possibilities. Moving away from football, basketball, and other major sports most of us follow, most sports bettors start dipping into other sections of the sportsbook as well. Why not give horse racing a go?

At some point, you realize that betting is more complex than a simple wild guess on who’s going to score more points. After getting some experience under your belt, you learn that some larger bets are more sensible than smaller bets, however illogical it may seem at the start.

In 2016, the global sports betting market was estimated to be worth $40 billion. In the United States alone, at least half of the people have been involved in betting on a sports event at least once in their lives. With this in mind, it’s only normal that there are companies that have based their businesses on providing help to sports bettors. Today, you can find many websites which provide you with betting software which has the purpose to help you better develop your betting strategy. Most of these betting tools come with a price, but considering that their goal is to earn you more money, it may prove to be a sound investment.

Of course, these tools are not a guarantee that every bet you make is a winning one. Sports betting is you playing fortuneteller, so there’s no way you’ll be correct every time. However, with a sound strategy, which you’ll get from these tools, you’ll increase your long-term chances of winning.

Let’s check out some of the best software options out there.



With OddsMonkey, you can create an account for free, but the functionality will be very limited. However, with the premium packet, you get a great return for your money. There are several tools you get with their software. First of all, there’s an oddsmatching tool. You will be able to compare odds from different betting websites, listing all the odds at one place. With this, you can compare them and find out which website offers the best payout for the same bet.

Furthermore, there’s a dutching tool, which helps you with forming the strategy called the Dutching formula. This formula is usually reserved for horse racing, but in some cases, you can also utilize it for other sports as well. Dutching is a strategy via which you divide your budget on different selections in such a way that you always come out with the same profit. Namely, you put the most money on the favorite horse and less and less as you go down the line. In the end, you’ll earn the same amount of money no matter which horse wins.

OddsMonkey also sends you daily results of detailed research which contain the best betting opportunities for the day. You can sort them depending on which sports you prefer or how difficult it is to pull off a bet.

Finally, with this software, you also get a racing matcher tool. With this, you’ll be able to place free bets and insurance bets which are on offer that day. This is tied to horse racing. The cost of the whole package is $19 per month.


Betegy 2.0

A name which is an aggregate of two different words they obviously thought sounded cooler than it actually does. However, if you can look past the name, you’ll find quality software. Betegy doesn’t show you betting opportunities, rather they give you predictions which they base on statistics behind an event. The number of statistical entries they put into coming up with a probability percentage is too huge for you to do it on your own. Pretty much anything you can think of has gone into it. The teams’ forms, the number of goals they’ve scored, history in head-to-head matches, individual players’ performances, etc.

Moreover, you don’t just get percentages on whether it will be a draw or team A or team B will win. You will also get statistical predictions on whether both teams will score, what your over/under chances are, and it can even evaluate what’s the likeliest correct score. All of that comes with free membership.

If you get a premium plan, which costs $10 a month, you can get an even greater helping hand. The algorithm they use in predicting the outcome takes a lot more data into consideration. Effectively, their guessing accuracy increases by around 10%. There are also other tools you can utilize, such as an underdog list, a bet tracker, and a pick selector.

Odds Wizard

Odds Wizard has been around since 1999. Although you can see the age in their design, which isn’t particularly pleasing, you can also see the experience and the know-how they’ve put into developing this software. During 20 years of their existence, they’ve gathered over 75,000 customers. Their engine works on fixed, handicap, and double-chance odds. Furthermore, they can also figure out separate odds for match periods, as well as correct score odds.

With Odds Wizard, you get mathematically calculated odds which represent the true, fair odds of an event happening. The way you should use it is to compare Wizard’s probabilities with those given by the bookie’s. When the sportsbook’s odds are greater than fair ones provided by Wizard, that’s your time to strike. When you open an account, you’ll be able to find out the exact mathematics and theorems the program’s working with. So, if you know your numbers, it’ll help you understand how it works.



Betslayer is relatively young software, but they’ve managed to quickly rise to the tippy top of the betting software industry. In general, your return on investment (ROI) usually ranges from 3–8 percent surplus on each bet. With this, there’s no need to further elaborate on why they are so popular.

You can make a free account, but for the full benefits, you’ll need to get the premium package which costs $36 a month. If you pay annually, it’ll cost you $189, saving $250 in the process. Alongside many preferences settings (you can choose which bookies’ odds get displayed in what order), the main advantage is getting arbs up to 20%. Arbs represents betting on different odds in such a way that you’ll always make a profit.

They also provide arbitrage betting training, and you’ll get access to an arb tracking spreadsheet. You can cancel your plan during the first 14 days and get your money back. On top of that, there’s a seven-day trial period so you can check out if you’re satisfied with the product.

It Comes Down to You

In the end, there are a lot of different websites which offer you different betting tools. Depending on your needs and preferences, you should choose the one that you feel will help you the most. That is, if you choose to work with betting software at all.

After all, you should consider betting as a pastime activity and not a means of making money. Betting tools are a good addition to forming your betting strategy and will help you increase your chances of winning by making more educated guesses. Just you don’t get caught up in it too much, and make sure you always stay within your budget.

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