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Online Betting vs. Live Betting: Which Is Better?

With the evolution of betting, we now have multiple platforms to place a bet at. But what’s better — online betting or live betting? Read the article to find out.

Online Betting — Live Betting: What’s Better?

As long as there have been organized sports games and races, there have been sportsbooks and racebooks to place bets on. The first place to offer such a service opened up in 1795. It was a racebook at a horse racing venue in the United Kingdom. Today, two centuries later, it’s still not an activity spread throughout the world. For instance, there are only eight US states which allow sports betting. But with the development of online casinos and online sports betting, we have a decision to make — where should we do it?

Initially separate from casino games, today many of the online casinos incorporate a sportsbook in their list of services. This way, they have managed to attract an additional number of players, so much so that now you can claim special promotions just for sports bettors.

But it’s not that live bookmakers are entirely dead and immune to this. They also offer promotions to their players (albeit not as plentiful). So let’s take a look at what the difference is and where you should play.

Betting Options

Real-Time Betting

The Internet, as a home to betting platforms, has overtaken sports live betting as a place which offers more betting options. At first, online sportsbooks didn’t contain even all of the major sports, with players still preferring live betting houses.

Nowadays, however, the situation is different. Online casinos and sportsbooks offer so much more — first of all, there’s a greater selection of sports in the offer. Additionally, there are so many other options usually not available in live betting houses. Poker, financials, and esports are just some of the other options you can put your money on. For example, with financials, you can place your money on stock exchange rates and other economic events.

Real-Time Betting

Real-time (or live) betting is a relatively new addition which entered the sports gambling world at the turn of the century. When trying to make money betting online, you can bet on live sports more efficiently, as there’s no waiting for the live teller to process your bet. Everything happens faster with automatization. On top of that, due to the fact that there’s more competition, online casinos and bookmaker websites offer better live betting odds.

In Favor of Bookmakers

As you can see, online betting provides you with more options. But it would be unfair to completely chalk off live betting. The first and foremost reason for it is the social aspect of it.

This is an area of land-based bookmakers that online websites will never be able to replace. What live betting houses offer is the whole experience. You can go in with your mates, sit down, have a drink, and watch the entire game. When you bet online, you’re restricted to yourself.

Additionally, the process of placing a bet is less of a fuss. You don’t have to create an account and leave your information on a website. Many online bookmakers need your email for confirmation, and there’s an approval period, whereas when you enter a physical bookie, all you need to do is be of age (or look as if you are).


There was a time when live betting was ahead of the game. But that time has passed. Today, you have more possibilities doing it online, and you get better service as well. There are more sporting events in the offer, as well as the ability to bet on unrelated events, like financials. Furthermore, online casinos offer amazing promotions to attract players.

Online betting brings the convenience of online gambling where you don’t need to leave the comfort of your chair to place a bet. You also have a more detailed sportsbook, with better odds and better promotions. It’s a clear sign of the times that live houses have become a less favorable option, and there’s no reason why you should stay behind.

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