How to Make Money Betting Online

So let’s see, you got hooked on online betting because you wanted to make some extra cash that you can put away for your next vacation, but somehow it didn’t go as well as you had expected. However simple sports betting may seem, in terms of choosing a winning team or an athlete, there are many tips and tricks and various betting options or services that you have to master in order to get an idea of how to make money betting online.

Don’t worry my friend, as someone who has already been in your shoes, I will show you how to turn the tables in your favor when sports betting is in question. But first, invest some time in studying online betting principles and watch how this investment pays off in the long run.

The Perks of Matched Betting

matched bettingLet‘s start with some strategic tips that are working for many bettors. You know that numerous sportsbooks have special offers to attract as many customers as possible, and these are always related to the major sports events. They may even compete in the generous offers, but basically, this is how it works: “Come bet with us, and we will give you an extra $50 on the 50 you deposited.” So feel free to place the deposit and claim this bonus, and I will show you how to make the best out of your free bet.

There is a type of betting called matched betting, which ensures you earn some money regardless of the outcome of the sports event you’ve placed your bet on. The whole principle is quite simple. Betting is based on choosing the team that will win and making a “back” bet. On the other hand, you can bet that a specific team is going to lose and place a “lay” bet. In a nutshell, by placing the most common moneyline bet, there is a chance that you’ll lose money if your team loses. On the other hand, match betting reduces this possibility because here, you have the opportunity to bet both ways, by placing one back bet and then using a bonus bet provided by a betting site to place a lay bet. Simply put, matched betting allows you to bet almost risk-free since you bet on both possible outcomes.

The key word in the previous sentence is “almost” because there is always a small chance that you’re going to lose your money. This may happen if the odds change after you have placed both bets, or if a game ends as a tie. Hence, you should take your time and study how matched betting works to avoid making rash decisions. Finally, always read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before you start betting.

However, the story about matched betting wouldn’t be complete without mentioning betting exchanges.

What Is a Betting Exchange and How It Works

sport bettingA betting exchange is an online service you must get familiar with as soon as possible if you want to start making money from sports betting. There are several reasons why sports bettors rush to online betting exchanges nowadays:

  • Betting exchanges enable users to place matching bets, which is a substantial difference from regular betting sites where you can only place back bets.
  • These online betting platforms offer you the opportunity to bet against other users on the same sports event. The best part about winning here is that the betting exchange will take only 5% of your winnings, which is an exceptionally favorable commission compared to the online sportsbooks that count in the vig on every bet placed, and not just the winning one.
  • When you start using some of the betting exchange sites, you will notice that the quota is presented in decimals, rather than fractions. This is good news actually because you can easily find out the amount of money you’ll get in case you win. Take your stake and multiply it by odds to get the overall winning. Imagine that you placed a $10 back bet on the Golden State Warriors in an NBA game with the odds of 3.45. In case you win this, you’ll get $34.5. Decimal odds make everything much more straightforward.

Trade Betting

This form of betting is another great thing betting exchanges provide their users with. It is similar to matched betting, but in this case, you can make some money, rather than just making sure you won’t lose it.

Trade betting means placing opposite bets on the same sports event over a period of time. The catch here is to profit from the fluctuation of odds. For example, you can start your trade by placing a lay bet on the favorite in a horse race a couple of hours before the race begins. Then, using numerous tools that these sites offer to help you predict how the odds have changed, you can place a back bet when this change goes in your favor. However, you need to predict the right moment for action and act quickly. Trade betting can bring you considerable profit once you master the strategy.

Profit Accumulator

This online service helps you get into the world of matched betting by providing numerous step-by-step guides and efficient tools like oddsmaker that will swiftly turn you into a matched betting fanatic.

This site is a highly customer-focused online service that offers a 30 days free trial, during which you can get a clear idea of what matched betting is and how it works. Moreover, you can also make some good profit. Once you create an account and log in, you’ll be presented with a list of various free bet offers. You can start with the bets for beginners and climb up to the advanced level. Here, you don’t have to do anything but to place your bet and wait for your winnings. The site will choose the best events for you to bet on and will even provide you with tutorials. Also, they will even tell you what amount of money you’ll win.

Although it sounds too good to be true, and thus seems shady to some people, I can reassure you that Profit Accumulator is completely legal. What’s more important is that it is a tax-free online betting platform with more than 100.000 satisfied members. So if you still have some doubts, feel free to look up some reviews on the Net. Some of them come from reliable sources, such as The Guardian and The Huffington Post who described the Profit Accumulator as a “nice little money-maker.”

And here it is my friends, the easiest way to make some real money gambling online, as well as a few online platforms that will make it possible for you to do so. It turns out you don’t have to be a full-time professional gambler to make some profit.

What’s the Risk?

Online betting always carries a risk of losing money if the event you bet on doesn’t occur in reality. So it’s a good idea not to go for all the money you have, but rather bet with small amounts, gradually raising your funds. On the other hand, for keeping their market share, sportsbooks often grant bonuses that you can benefit from. For example, you can place a backing bet (the team wins) with your real money if it has a high probability of occurrence. At the same time, you place a lay bet (the same team doesn’t win) with your match money. By doing this, you secure at least one of your bets. And even though you will eventually lose one of the bets, if the odds are worth it, it’s a great betting tactic to employ.

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