Boxing Betting

How Does Boxing Betting Work

From the ancient roots of this noble sport to the modern global popularity that it has gained, boxing has been the sport to watch, train, or get completely obsessed over. It’s no wonder that this sport has the reputation that it does since it celebrates the ultimate fitness level reachable by humans; the art of developing strategy; the art of perfecting techniques; as well as the highest levels of sportsmanship and respect of the warrior’s code. If all of this is not enough for you, and you want even more excitement from two amazing athletes competing for the title of champion — then you can increase the tension by betting. The only thing remaining now is to get into the basics of boxing betting as well as the essential rules and strategies. So, let’s begin!

These are the main types of wagers you can place:

  • Straight Betting — Bet on who is going to win the match
  • Over/Under Betting — Bet on how many rounds the match is going to last
  • Boxing Parlays — Bet on multiple boxers. Be careful though, you can cash your bet only if each boxer in the parlay is victorious
  • Draws — Bet that the match will end in a draw
  • Propositions — Bet on some specific detail (e.g., that a boxer is going to win in a particular round, and/or by a K.O.

As you can see, there are not many types of wagers, and in general, box betting has easier rules than some other types of sports betting. Now that we’ve got familiar with the rules, let’s talk about various strategies for picking the winner. Also, you can always find detailed information regarding these types of wagers, money line, as well as boxing odds at many online betting websites.

How to Choose a Winner

Boxing is a noble, demanding, unpredictable, yet exciting, sport. So, how exactly does one predict who is going to win a fight? Well, there are many strategies that you can use to do that; there are no guarantees though. Just as with any type of gambling, anything can happen. Having said that, let’s talk about some basic approaches that you can help you predict which fighter will win.

Learn About the Sport

The more you know about boxing in general, the easier it’s going to be for you to guess who has the best chance of winning. If you are new to the sport (haven’t read about it a lot, haven’t trained it, etc.) watch some famous matches and read online articles that are written by experts, trainers, or ex-competitors. Find out all you can about the different strategies, techniques, training methods, and rules. Every information from this department can be of some value to you, so nothing that you read is going to be in vain. After all, people that used to train boxing and are passionate boxing fans can usually guess who is going to win before the match even begins. However, boxing is a sport in which anything can happen, so even an experienced amateur boxer can sometimes make a mistake when betting on matches.

Find About the Boxers’ Histories

Boxing bettingThis can be of a lot of help to you. Study statistics, everything that you can find on the internet. Find out how many professional matches a boxer had — how many of these matches they won on knockouts and how many on points. Also, find out for how many rounds did their matches last. All of this information can paint a picture of how successful a boxer was in the past.

Find out Everything You Can About Their Training Routines

This step is crucial. Try to watch videos of their training sessions. See what they pay attention to the most — is it some certain technique, conditioning, or purely strength. Compare this info with the training sessions of the opponent. Many boxing bettors overlook this important step.

Study Their Strategies, Techniques, and Signature Moves

Every fighter has a signature technique, their trademark strengths and weaknesses. Is their guard usually high or low? What punch do they prefer? Are they southpaw? How good is their defense? How often do they knock out their opponents? All of these questions are of vital importance. Find the answers to these questions and you will understand that boxer a lot better.

Find About Their Fitness Level Before the Match

A boxer can have a history of consecutive wins and then have a bad training session before some major match and come less prepared or even suffer an injury. Find all that you can about a boxer’s level of fitness and their condition before the match. However, have in mind that an injury can be misleading — some talented boxers can even fight with some injuries during important matches. So, the factor of injury is highly individual, it can influence an outcome of a fight, but at the same time, it’s not always the case.

Monitor Their Behavior Before the Match

betting behavior This is also an important step. Study a fighter’s behavior before the match. Is the boxer aggressive or calm? Are they attacking their opponent verbally and insulting them? Do they seem too confident or relaxed? All of this is not a matter of psychology. A boxing match is physically, mentally, emotionally, and even intellectually, demanding. So, you need to be a bit of a psychologist too if you want to bet on boxers. However, similarly to assessing the boxers’ condition, it’s no science. Mistakes can be made.

Anyhow, some basic guidelines are to bet on a boxer that seems calmer, more relaxed, and not so full of themselves. Since a boxing match can be a rather stressful experience for a fighter, arrogance and aggression can often come to the surface as some form of defense mechanism. So, oftentimes, confidence or arrogance can be very misleading. A calm boxer is usually the one that is ready, that trained hard, and that is already contemplating the various techniques they are going to use. Plus, polite and calm behavior is a sign of good sportsmanship that usually comes out of respect for the sport. So, this kind of behavior can be a sign of maturity, experience, and emotional stability.

Whatever Happens, Remember to Enjoy the Show

Even when in a boxing match one of the fighters seems to be an absolute favorite — anything can happen. Every athlete makes mistakes; they’re still human, after all. They can hide some facts about their training routine; trainers can develop secret strategies with their trainees.

The bottom line is — study all the information you can get, think carefully and pray for the best. Whatever happens with your wager, boxing shows will always be one of the most exciting sporting events worth watching.

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