Best Sports Betting Apps

Best Sports Betting Apps to Use in 2019

Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which U.S. Congress passed in 1992, it was illegal for any state-authorized betting to take place in the United States. At the time that the Act came into force, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana had already developed some betting frameworks, which they allowed to continue even after the Act.

Another state which they kept completely exempt from PASPA was Nevada, which legalized betting on professional sports and horse racing all the way back in 1949. So, until recently, Nevada was the only U.S. state with established sportsbooks. If you’d wanted to place a bet on sporting events, you’d have needed to go all the way to Las Vegas to do so.

In 2018, they removed the Act and effectively allowed sports fans across the country to enjoy what the rest of the world (or rather, a big part of it) could do for years. This opened up a route to sports wagering, and now we can do it right from our mobile devices. Before we go into listing some of the best sportsbook apps out there, let’s discuss why you should bet online.

Online Sports Betting Advantages

A year into legalized sports betting, it’s only normal that sportsbooks haven’t yet popped up in every neck of the woods across the USA. Still, most of the sportsbooks are tied to a casino and depending on where you’re from, casinos may not be such a common sight. So, the convenience of using a mobile app is even more highlighted when there are no physical options available. Now, you can access a sportsbook with one tap on your phone. You also don’t have to commit to the bookie that’s close to you, you have hundreds of websites to choose from.

If you’re a romantic, then you’re probably one of those who enjoy the atmosphere of a sportsbook, where you dip into a liquor bar and are surrounded by large TV screens. While downloading an app and placing bets that way won’t replace that feeling, the advantages, and the practicality of it is too great to neglect. Let’s go through some of the major pros of online betting.

Betting Options


Online sportsbooks come with more betting options than a sportsbook in a casino. First of all, you have a bigger pool of games to bet on. Apart from all the major sports, you can also place bets on different, less-followed events — cricket, esports, darts, UFC, cycling, snooker, etc. All these sports come with a bigger selection of bets. You don’t have to stick to line bets or point spreads, as there’s a variety of combinations you can choose from. Moreover, you can find betting exchange websites where you can place lay bets. A lay bet is betting on the opposite — you bet that something won’t happen. For instance, if you place a lay bet on the Packers against the Lions, you’re betting that anything but a Packers’ win will occur. In a way, you’re doing what the bookmakers do when you place a regular bet.

Secondly, in-game betting is much more convenient when you have a sportsbook right on your device, and you can place a bet with just a couple of phone taps. The transactions are instantaneous, and you can respond in real time on changes on the field. So, next time when you’re sitting courtside at a basketball game and feel the momentum switching, just whip out your phone and let the bookmakers cover for the ticket.

Additionally, most online sportsbooks, in general, don’t give odds just for sports events. For example, you can place bets on who’s going to win the elections, who’ll be the victor of a reality show (everyone’s favorite sport), or whether a celebrity will live past a certain age.

Better Odds

When you walk into a land-based sportsbook, the odds that they’ve given you is what you have to deal with. You can’t ask for a second opinion. With mobile betting, there’s no need to stay loyal to one place if you’re not satisfied with their offer. Simply browse other websites and check out who provides the best odds. Nowadays, you can find plenty of websites which offer betting software that shows the odds of all major sportsbooks in one place, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Sportsbooks know the nature of online betting, so they’ve adapted to it. In order to make you stay and not go to someone else, they are constantly battling to provide the best odds available. This is where you can profit, as betting websites don’t have the luxury of throwing out any old odds they like. Something which the only sportsbook in the whole county can do.


In line with offering better odds, betting websites have also had to find different ways of being more attractive to players. With hundreds of online sportsbooks, something more had to be done to stand out from the crowd. One way they do it is by offering promotions. Bonuses, such as a sign-up welcome package and free bets, give you the ability to increase your balance and bet with, essentially, free money.

With so many sites offering different bonuses, by utilizing the right software, you can constantly find out where the best promotions are active. You can go from one site to another and place bets solely using bookies’ money. Hunting for bonuses like that, while placing lay odds on a betting exchange website on the same event is what we call a matched betting strategy. If you’re diligent enough, you can always make bets that are guaranteed to make a profit (thanks to free money) and earn yourself a steady second income.

Sports Apps

There are several factors you should consider when you’re choosing which mobile app you want to bet with. First off, how good is their sportsbook? This is the most important part. They can have a perfect app with the most beautiful graphics your eyes have ever seen — what’s the point if you’ve got nothing to do on it? Check out how many sports they cover, what types of bets they have on offer, and so on. Furthermore, you need to find out about a sportsbook’s reputation. Read online reviews beforehand to see if they have a history of delayed payments and whether they’ve amassed a number of customer complaints.

You also need to check out what payment methods they use and if that’s something that suits you. No point of joining a bitcoin website if you’re not a bitcoin user. In the end, the functionality of the app itself is important as well. If it’s not practical enough, and you struggle to navigate through all of its sections with ease, the stress that comes with it is not something you need in your life.

Here’s our list of ten of the best online betting apps you can use:

  • Betfair
  • 888Sport
  • William Hill
  • Bet365
  • Betfred Sports Betting
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor
  • 10Bet
  • Unibet

Choosing between them comes down to personal preference for aesthetics and betting. Some honorable mentions include Totesport, Karamba, FanDuel, Bet-at-Home, and PaddyPower.

Choose What Suits You Best

The first thing you should do when you’re checking out a betting app is to find out how good its sportsbook is and whether they’re a credible company. Make sure they cover all the sports and betting options you’re interested in. Also, check out if they send payments in a timely fashion — the last thing you want is to have your withdrawals denied and your money locked into the account.

Once you’ve made a selection of quality online sportsbooks, the rest is up to you. The practicality of the app and its functionality often come down to what you like. Players who use tools to learn about the statistics of a game won’t mind that the sportsbook doesn’t display stats visibly. Once you pick your betting app, you’ll be able to play the prediction game right from the comfort of your home.

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