Best Las Vegas Casinos That Offer Sports Betting

Let’s face it, nobody goes to Nevada to look at its beautiful landscapes. There are only two reasons people flock there — thoughtless marriages and casinos. The famous Las Vegas strip is crammed with luxurious buildings which all offer the promise of grand riches and huge incomes. And they usually deliver but to themselves.

Anyway, Las Vegas would not be the capital of gambling if it failed to attract sports bettors. There, casinos have dedicated rooms for betting with TV screens for you to enjoy watching the game. Other big screens are there to show you statistics of all sporting events that are going on. They also lure you in with free drinks and a food court, making Las Vegas’ sportsbooks a sight to behold when the bettors arrive, especially when they flock during March Madness.

Before we go into which casinos offer the best sportsbooks, let’s see what Nevada legislation thinks about sports betting.

What the Law Says

Casinos in Las Vegas were the first ones in the United States to offer sportsbooks. In fact, it was back in 1949 that Nevada legalized off-track horse betting as well as sports and live betting, way before any other U.S. state. The first one to join them in offering sports betting was Delaware in 1974. Congress passed a bill in 1992, which banned sports betting in the country. However, Nevada, alongside Delaware and two other states (Montana and Oregon) which had already legalized betting were exempt from the rule.

With this law, Nevada received a kind of a legal monopoly on single-game wagering. Other three states, although they did offer sportsbooks, were way behind what Las Vegas could provide to its visitors. This hasn’t changed to this date. In the meantime, the law became more lenient and removed the ban in 2018.

In Nevada, you can bet on all the major sports, including the NCAA tournaments. On top of that, you can also place bets on cycling, tennis, golf, esports, auto racing, and fighting. When it comes to types of bets, the following are available: money line, totals, point spread, partial lines, teasers, parlay, pleasers, futures, round robin, propositional wagers, and in-play.

Best Las Vegas Sportsbooks

When in Vegas, do what Vegans do… i.e., place some bets, don’t avoid eating healthy food which powers your body. Apart from classic casino games, a lot of casinos also offer extensive sportsbooks, with dedicated rooms to fulfill the need of sports bettors. Here, we won’t discuss how many slot machines or poker tables they have, we’ll just focus on casinos’ sportsbooks. Here are our top five picks.

MGM Grand


With just around 100 seats, MGM Grand Sportsbook is perhaps the smallest one in size on this list. However, they make up for the lack of grandness (which is kind of ironic when you consider their name) by creating a proper sports atmosphere, with the intensity rising especially during big games. They have over 100 televisions which offer coverage of all the major sports, including NASCAR, golf, racing, tennis, and UFC.

Mandalay Bay


Overall, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is the third largest casino in Las Vegas. There, you’ll be greeted with over 300 seats, 17 big screens, and individual TV monitors. Mandalay Bay Casino has organized a lot of boxing events in the past, so betting on boxing from this venue provides you a special experience, with the match happening in front of you. On the other hand, if you’re more of a racing guy, you can place bets on horse and greyhound dog races as well as NASCAR.

Finally, if you want to receive VIP treatment, you can do so by booking their VIP Luxury Box, which offers you the ability to bet in private and get special service.

Westgate Las Vegas

The absolute winner when it comes to Las Vegas sportsbooks. Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook is the largest in Nevada, with over 350 seats for bettors. There’s a 4k video wall which covers a surface of 220 feet by 18, which will give you a unique experience in the way you watch the big games (even if, perhaps, an eyesore might come up as well). They also have the largest wagering menu in Nevada, meaning that there’s no other place in this state that will have more betting options.

In the racebook, they have a 32’’ TV screen for every seat. Overall, they offer cocktail service, a drinks bar, and many food options.

Caesar’s Palace


Having opened up in 1966, Caesar’s Palace is a must-see for any visitor of Las Vegas. With the Palace, you have an option to enjoy a great sportsbook in the very middle of the strip. Just like Westgate, the Palace recently upgraded its sportsbook with the renovation taking place in 2015. Operated by Caesars Entertainment, the race and sportsbook room contains a 143-foot LED display, where you can watch several games, as they switch through them during the night. On top of that, Caesars Entertainment operates many other sportsbooks across the city, so you can enjoy the same odds without going into the casino.

The Venetian

Another strip casino, the Venetian sportsbook is operated by CG Technology. In the Venetian, you can watch up to 42 different games at the same time. You don’t have to wait in line to place a bet, with 118 betting stations at your disposal. Although CG Technology is slowly becoming a thing of the past, with its outdated graphics and less-than-extensive wagering options, the Venetian’s sportsbook is still worthy enough of a visit.

Make Your Choice

Depending on what your preferences are, you can pick from MGM Grand which is small in size but offers a more intimate atmosphere. Alternatively, you can go big and visit Westgate and enjoy the splendor and the grandezza they offer to their customers.

All in all, Nevada is the first U.S. state to legalize sports betting, and you can see that they’ve had a headstart on everyone else. If you fail to enjoy yourself over there, then maybe betting simply is not for you.

This list of ours doesn’t mean that no other sportsbook in Vegas is worth your time, this was just a personal pick from the editorial team. There are plenty other sportsbooks in Nevada which offer premium service, but these five are certainly on the top of the game.

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